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When it comes to accounting for various business industries, at Wallace Neumann & Verville, we pride ourselves in helping business owners with reliable tax services for their needs. Our CPA for business industries will keep your business’ accounting and taxes in order.

If you’re looking for the best CPAs for various industries, Wallace Neumann & Verville provides many business owners the accounting and tax services they need to continue their path to success in their respective industries.

IRS Representation

Most people do not have the experience to deal with the IRS. An IRS audit takes significant time away from your business and requires the gathering of lots of information. The IRS will securitize your records and will expect you to substantiate all items on your tax returns. An IRS audit needs you to have a comprehensive understanding of tax law and usually strikes fear in people.

There are various reasons for audit selection:

  • Your “IRS Numerical Score*” was high
  • A selection of audit for a taxpayer you have a relationship with and led the IRS to audit you
  • You may be part of a special group engaging in an aggressive tax position and the IRS has a special group assigned to audit that tax position
  • An informant who worked for you (disgruntled ex-employee) tipped off the IRS
  • You may be part of IRS’s National Research Project in which they completely and randomly select people for audits to re-calibrate the population’s “IRS Numerical Score.”

Being selected for audit is not fun and going through it alone is ill-advised. Most people do not have a well understanding of The Internal Revenue Code, and therefore, do not know their rights as Taxpayers. The IRS is trained to extract more info from you than you legally have to provide to them. People incorrectly represent themselves in IRS audits rather than hiring individuals that specialize in IRS negotiations.

“Being selected for audit is not fun and going through it alone is ill-advised.”

WNV is well-versed in IRS representation. By having an experienced CPA on your side, there’s no reason to be scared. Wallace Neumann & Verville specializes in various IRS audit issues including:

  • IRS Collections (including Installment Agreements, Offer-in-Compromise, etc.)
  • Audits of Real Estate Professionals (real estate professional vs. passive real estate investor)
  • Worker Reclassification (independent contractor vs. employee)
  • Officer’s Compensation
  • Tips Compliance Agreements (including TIPS Rate Reviews, TRDA – TIP Rate Determination Agreement, GITCA – Gaming Industry Tip Compliance Agreement)
  • IRS Appeals

Professional Services

Due to the current economic conditions of the country, many professional service companies have to improve their day-to-day operations to stay competitive in today’s world. Wallace Neumann & Verville understands no two professional service companies are the same. Your success is a direct result of your CPA’s knowledge, skill, and reputation.

The types of professional service companies we help include:

At Wallace Neumann & Verville, our CPAs help these firms by tailoring our services to address the specific aspects of their business. Our firm has a proven track record to guide and support you with practical business solutions and strategies to enable your business to grow. We have a long history of building relationships with professional service companies. We stay on top of the ever-changing rules and regulations put forth by the government at State and Federal levels to help ensure that clients are up-to-date with changes occurring in their industry.

Here are some of the services we offer to professional service companies:

  • Audits, reviews, and compilations of financial statements
  • Preparation of corporate and partnership tax returns
  • Tax planning for both the business and the officer-owners
  • Mergers & acquisition planning
  • Estate Planning & asset protection
  • Retirement planning
  • Equity structuring & debt restructuring


We can provide our contractors with answers to questions regarding tax services, accounting and financial statements, business advisory services, and wealth and retirement planning.

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Whether you’re a long-term health care provider, part of a medical group, or own a professional service practice, you often face massive changes in the healthcare industry. Finding a CPA specializing in health care is essential to today’s medical professionals.

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Manufacturing and distribution companies can face many challenges like labor issues, government regulations, handling overseas competitors, complex supply chain structures, and more. Manufacturing companies need accountants whose experience exceeds those of most firms.

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Real Estate

Whether you are a small real estate investor that deals with single-family and multi-family homes, a large developer, or in property management, we are the firm for you. We offer many real estate CPA consulting services.

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Restaurant Industry

Whether you are running a restaurant, a bar, an ultra-lounge or a nightclub, there can be financial obstacles in the restaurant industry. Las Vegas has become a fine dining capital of the world. As a business owner in the restaurant industry, you must ask yourself the right questions regarding your tax services and accounting.

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